Massage Therapy

Our therapists are committed to helping meet your needs each and every visit.

We offer a variety of massage services, ranging from a relaxation-focus to deep-tissue therapy.

A relaxation massage is focused solely on relaxation. We will use classic Swedish techniques with a light to medium pressure, to ensure that you leave the weight of the world on the table.

Therapeutic sessions will still be relaxing, but deeper pressure may be used to alleviate pain and chronic issues. We are happy to focus on certain areas specified by you to aid in pain relief.

Our services include:

  • 30 minute treatments – $45
  • 60 minute treatments – $75
    • add $25 for hot stones
  • 90 minute treatments – $90
    • add $25 for hot stones

A relaxation facialincludes a one-hour massage and a facial for $125.

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